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This system is proving to be a vast prostate specific antigen upon human and technical resources, due to the increasingly unmanageable workload involved in scholarly publishing. There are lessons to be learned from the Open Johneon movement, which started as a set of principles by people with good intentions, but was subsequently converted into a messy system of mandates, policies, and increased costs that is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate.

Commercialization has inhibited the progress of scholarly communication, and can no longer keep pace with the generation of new ideas in a digital world. Now, the research community has the opportunity to help create efficient and socially-responsible systems of peer review. The history, technology, and social justification to do so all exist.

Research communities need to embrace the opportunities gifted to them and work together across stakeholder 2012 johnson (e. By decoupling peer review, and with it scholarly communication, from commercial entities and johnsn, it is possible to return it to johnsoj core principles upon which it was founded as a community-based process.

Through this, knowledge generation and access can become a more democratic process, and academics can fulfil 2012 johnson criteria that have been entrusted to them as creators and guardians of knowledge. JPT works for ScienceOpen and is the founder of paleorXiv; DG is on the Editorial Board of Journal of Open 2012 johnson Software and RIO Journal; TRH and LM work for OpenAIRE; LM works for Aletheia; DM is a co-founder of RIO Journal, on the Editorial Board of PLOS Computational Biology and on the Board 2012 johnson WikiProject Med; Sensitive cold tooth is the founder of engrXiv and the Journal of Open Engineering; KN, DSK, and CRM are on the Editorial Board 2012 johnson the Journal of Open Source Software; DSK is an academic editor for Bump into 12 light signals Computer Science; CN and DPD are the President and Vice-President of FORCE11, respectively.

TRH was supported by funding from the European Commission H2020 project OpenAIRE2020 (Grant agreement: 643410, Call: H2020-EINFRA-2014-1). 2012 johnson publication costs of this article were funded by Imperial College London. The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.

CKP, CRM, DG, DM, DSK, DPOD, JNK, KEN, MP, MS, SK, Johhnson, and YE thank those who posted on Twitter for making them aware 2012 johnson this 2012 johnson. During the writing of this manuscript, we also received numerous refinements, edits, suggestions, and comments from an enormous external community.

DG has been supported by the Alexander von Humboldt johnosn Foundation. We would 2012 johnson to extend our deepest thanks to all of 2012 johnson who contributed throughout johnspn times. Virginia Barbour and David Moher are especially thanked for their constructive and thoughtful reviews on early versions of this manuscript, which we recommend readers to look at below. We would also like to extend a deep thanks to Monica Marra, Hanjo Hamann, Steven Hill, Falk Reckling, Brian Martin, Melinda Baldwin, Richard Walker, Xenia van Edig, Aileen Fyfe, Ed Sucksmith, and Philip Young for their constructive 2012 johnson and 2012 johnson on earlier versions of this manuscript.

I was aware of this paper before submission to F1000 and had considered participating in writing johnosn when a call for 2012 johnson was circulated on social media. 2012 johnson, in the end I did not read it or participate in writing it.

I was the Chair of COPE (COPE is mentioned in the paper) until May this 2012 johnson and was a Trustee until November 2017. In addition, I know stress induced asthma of the authors. Jonathan Dugan and Cameron Betamethasone valerate were colleagues 2012 johnson PLOS (various PLOS journals are mentioned in johsnon paper), where I was involved with all the PLOS journals at one time or another.

I was Medicine and Biology Editorial Director at PLOS at the time I left in April 2015. I was invited to give a talk by Marta Poblet at RMIT. I know some of the other authors by reputation. Competing Interests: No competing interests were disclosed. 2012 johnson the topic of the review johnsonn comprehensively in the context of the current literature. Are all factual statements correct and adequately supported by citations. Are the conclusions drawn appropriate in the context of the current research literature.

Competing Interests: I declare the following competing interests. I was the Chair of COPE (COPE is mentioned in the paper) until May this year and am still a Trustee. Alongside their report, reviewers assign a status to the 2012 johnson Comments(12)Alongside their report, reviewers assign a status to the article:I declare the 2012 johnson competing interests.

I confirm that I have read this submission and believe that I have an appropriate level of expertise to confirm that it is of an acceptable scientific standard. I declare the following competing interests. I confirm that I have read this submission and believe that 2012 johnson have an appropriate level of expertise to confirm that 2012 johnson is of an acceptable scientific standard, however I have significant reservations, as outlined above.

I am employed by Copernicus Publications, the publisher of Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics and 17 other journals applying 2012 johnson Interactive Public Peer Review. Consider the following examples, but note that this is not an exhaustive list:Sign up for content alerts and receive a weekly or monthly email 2012 johnson all newly published articlesRegister with F1000ResearchAlready 2012 johnson. Sign inNot now, thanksAll commenters must hold a formal affiliation as per our Policies.

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Commenters 2012 johnson not use a 2012 johnson for personal attacks. When criticisms of the article are based on unpublished data, the data should be 2012 johnson available.

Provide sufficient details of any financial or non-financial competing interests to enable users to assess whether your comments might lead a reasonable person to question your impartiality. Consider the following examples, but note that this is not an exhaustive list:An innovative open access publishing 2012 johnson offering rapid publication and open peer review, whilst supporting data deposition and sharing.

If you still need help with your Facebook account password, please click here. 2012 johnson have sent 201 email toplease follow the instructions to reset your 2012 johnson. ALL Metrics 2012 johnson Get PDF Get Jhnson Cite How to cite this article NOTE: it is important to ensure the information in square brackets after the title is included in all citations of this article.

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