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The rationale behind the use of MSM is based on the belief that osteoarthritis a d h d associated with a local deficiency or degradation of natural substances leading to increased apoptosis. Our study limitations include a statistically sound and adequate but nonetheless restricted sample size, with patients that were free of severe comorbidities and a mediocre duration of treatment (26 weeks) resulting in limitations in extrapolation to the targeted elderly population of the community, usually including an increasing number of octogenarians and a d h d. Nonetheless, the fact that the noticed improvement in the MSM group was detected early is a promising indication for a long term efficacy research.

The need for significant funding is a strong limitation to address all the aforementioned optimum research parameters. Our study findings are preliminary and act as a pilot suggestion for further research. No dose response directions can be determined and the need arises for further clarification of pussy girls dosages appropriate for treatment of OA in the broader community.

Based on our results and on older studies, future research on MSM must include larger and more varied sample sizes, long-term treatments, dose response trials and clinical studies to delineate bioactivity of MSM.

MSM-drug interaction studies a d h d safety and toxicity seem appropriate, since the target group is the elderly with significant and varied co-morbid conditions suggesting administration of many different drug compounds.

Our results support previous anecdotal reports that intervention with MSM a d h d elderly patients suffering from OA is beneficial. Although large, long-term dose response a d h d are necessary, MSM should be considered in certain OA patient populations. Key Messages: (1) OA is a major cause of disability affecting day to day activities and quality of life; (2) The effect of a CAM therapy like MSM is favorable without showing any adverse effects; (3) The physicians counsel is paramount to the selection of an appropriate treatment.

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