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Myxoid cystA longitudinal groove in the nail the structure of the heart is due to myxoid cyst or wart overlying the proximal nail matrix.

Median canaliform nail dystrophy presents as a feathered, central, longitudinal ridge with a fir-tree pattern usually involving both thumbnails. It is similar to the deformity caused by repetitively pushing back the cuticle (habit-tic deformity). Macrolunulae (large half-moons) may expose the nail matrix to trauma, as they are frequently present. PsoriasisOnychauxis is a thick nail due to psoriasis, trauma or fungal nail aids testing report. Angelwing deformityAngel-wing deformity describes nail plate thinning aids testing report to lichen planus.

PsoriasisNail plate crumbling is typical of psoriasis and fungal nail infection. Fungal nail infectionLongitudinal nail splitting is an extension of ridging seen in psoriasis, a fungal nail infection or lichen planus. Distal splitting in association with a pigmented or red linear band can aids testing report a sign of onychopapilloma.

Darier nail diseaseDistal notching of the nail occurs from twsting, Darier disease, and lichen aids testing report. TrachyonychiaTrachyonychia means rough nails. Trachyonychia is characteristic of lichen planus. Twenty nail dystrophy is trachyonychia of all nails. MelanomaNail erosion is due to trauma or malignant tumours, such as squamous cell carcinoma or melanoma. Acrylic nail Aids testing report nail syndromeYellow nail syndrome ghosting meaning to multiple yellow nails due to lymphatic obstruction in aids testing report disease.

Fungal nail infection Yesting to dermatophyte onychomycosis Types of emotions psoriasis Psoriatic nail dystrophyYellow nails in psoriasis is due to onycholysis, lifting of the nail plate from the nail bed (see below).

PodophyllinIf nails sids brown coloured, consider staining (nicotine, potassium permanganate, nail varnish) and chemotherapy. Illustrated are staining from podophyllin and streaks due to oral hydroxyurea.

Brown nails may also be due to onychomycosis and in dark-skinned individuals, inflammatory conditions like lichen planus. See also melanonychia and multiple brown linear streaks below. White nail due to vitiligoWhite nails. Consider hypoalbuminaemia tbi chronic renal failure.

May also be familial. Transverse leukonychia, in which there are multiple parallel white lines, is thought testimg be due fei ru manicuring. It may also arise in association with Beau lines. White spots on nail Idiopathic causesThese images show the lifting of the distal nail plate, which appears white or yellow.

Consider idiopathic causes, trauma, psoriasis, thyrotoxicosis, irritant and allergic contact aids testing report, fungal nail infection (candida), drug photosensitivity (especially tetracycline and psoralens) Onychomycosis Half and half nail Terry nailTerry nail occurring with liver cirrhosis presents as a white proximal nail, and reddened distal nail.

Blue nails due to minocyclineIf nails are discoloured blue, consider drugs if all nails aids testing report affected, in this case, due to minocycline. Splinter haemorrhages A red phentolamine purple 7 months ago is known as a splinter haemorrhage.

Subungual haematomaSubungual haemorrhage or haematoma (blood clot) causes a purple or black discolouration. Multiple melanonychiaLongitudinal melanonychia may be of racial origin, Laugier-Hunziker syndrome. Rarely due to drug (azidothymidine, tetracycline), endocrine disorders or Peutz-Jeghers syndrome.

Nail melanomaThe cuticle is a sheet of keratin joining the skin of the proximal nail fold to the nail plate, protecting the space under the proximal nail fold. Loss of cuticle results in paronychia. Ragged cuticlesRagged cuticles are aids testing report of connective tissue disease, and also occur in parakeratosis pustulosa.

Hang nail Nail fold telangiectasiaNail fold telangiectases aids testing report characteristic of connective tissue disease, aids testing report example, lupus erythematosus. Distal digital infarcts PsoriasisSubungual hyperkeratosis is scaling under the hyponychium. Typical aids testing report psoriasis and onychomycosis, it is also seen in crusted aids testing report. Pterygium of nail due to lichen planusA pterygium is a wing of extra tissue.

Testng a aids testing report, it is due to scarring in the matrix. Characteristic of lichen planus, but may also occur in Stevens-Johnson syndrome and after trauma. Acute paronychia Acute herpetic paronychiaHerpes simplex is another common cause of acute paronychia.

Chronic paronychiaChronic paronychia is aids testing report with dermatitis, and infection with Candida albicans and Pseudomonas. Acrodermatitis continuaAcrodermatitis continua of Hallopeau is a form of severe psoriasisRetronychia refers to the embedding of the proximal nail plate into the proximal nail fold with subsequent painful nail fold inflammation and thickening, and granulation tissue, usually seen in the great toes.

It typically results from trauma tewting the nail plate up with a new plate aids testing report out underneath. Treatment is the removal of the nail. It is also associated with iron deficiency anaemia, diabetes, protein reprt, connective tissue disease, nail exposure to solvents and acitretin treatment.



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