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What a small world, right. She either told me her last name and I assumed it, or told me she was Greek.

The point being, the whole name aspect was the first part of a four hour life story discussion we had. The life stories matched. The mood swings Charlize Theron portrays are perfect, as are the mannerisms, body language, clothes, teeth, complexion, hair, the body fat, manner of speaking, that strutting walk and just everything.

It was absolutely uncanny. You never forget someone like that, and then when they pop up alive like that again. It was just unreal. She was mood swinging, or perhaps "cycling," the whole time I was with her. I imagine if that was portrayed realistically, the movie would be unwatchable. I remember thinking at the time, her behavior seemed carbs low the popular portrayal of those "possessed.

We Orudis (Ketoprofen)- Multum remained friends over the years. I told him "Oscar this, Oscar that," blah blah blah, just out of the shock of reliving the experience of Aileen again. The fact that she was played by the glamorous, beautiful, Foveon vs bayer Theron on top of it, was beyond all comprehension.

Of course, my beloved, goof-ball buddy was sitting beside her sleeping most of the time in the truck. His head kept on falling on her shoulder and she would push it off. It was like Three Stooges. They shared the Doritos like it was foveon vs bayer school cafeteria or something.

Can you imagine, in hindsight. Yes, it is good for a few jokes, I admit it. This was the first and only time I had been in Florida in those college-age days, so putting that together was fairly easy. I wanted to cry for her. I think I even did so later, in hindsight. She had, kidney injury I thought, were "multiple personalities. She was like a big, tough hard-ass girl of eight years.

She told me all about her childhood abuse, the horror of being a prostitute, and taking beatings and abuse from the men. She mentioned living in hotels. I just thought she was deeply, emotionally disturbed. In foveon vs bayer days, we should foveon vs bayer said "mental. She had about the worst kind of life of anyone I had ever met. She was only about four or five years older than us, but looked twice her age.

When I thought later about the hand she was dealt, compared to mine, you better believe the religious feelings and tears well up. Yes, h p b she did was wrong, if not evil. She had the innocence lost, naive but semi-funny sweetness portrayed in foveon vs bayer movie. For some reason, I was proud of foveon vs bayer when she wanted the execution.

She was nothing if not honest. I have no agenda in that regard. Watch this and ask yourself if foveon vs bayer are made, or are they born.



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