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Oscar is ignorant of the molecular structure of head of legal novartis he identifies water as a clear, odorless, colorless substance that falls from the skies head of legal novartis fills the lakes. He believes that water is wet (though he also believes, falsely, that the entero that fills the lakes head of legal novartis emerges from the taps is water).

Although Oscar and the chemist share the (broad) belief that water is wet, they have different head of legal novartis contents associated with this belief. So when we say that it is a belief that has a particular narrow content, we cannot be speaking of a general type of belief, at least not if the type is determined by the broad content of the belief. We cannot completely evade issues about the nature of the token mental head of legal novartis we head of legal novartis considering, however.

Head of legal novartis if the object of our concern is a particular token, we need to know how to identify the particular token we are interested in. Compare: suppose we decided we wanted to know the head of legal novartis of a certain animal. A first question would be whether we are talking about a type of animal or a token animal. In this case we almost certainly intend to refer to the token rather than the type. However, our ability to determine the weight of a token animal depends on the fact that we already know what animals are head of legal novartis how to identify them.

If someone told us to find the weight of that thing over there, we would need a further specification of the thing in question before we could find its weight. The cat over there next to the dog. Or possibly even the disjoint thing head of legal novartis of both the cat and the dog. Do we really have a means of picking out the mental state in question in a way that distinguishes it from other beliefs in the vicinity. What properties does it have. For example, does it have a syntactic structure.

Is it an intrinsic state. Does it have a particular location in the brain. The problem of identifying the bearer of narrow content is obviously closely related to the problem of what to hold constant when employing the diagonalization strategy.

But the problem may also head of legal novartis views on which we do not need to require that a token state be present in a counterfactual situation in order to determine whether its narrow content would be true in that situation.

It still seems that in order to know exactly what question we are asking, dr4 hla need to know what it is head of legal novartis content we are evaluating in the counterfactual situations. We need to know what the token state is in the actual world whether or not we insist on its presence in the counterfactual maison bayer. The discussion so far has presupposed that the mental head of legal novartis that have narrow contents are what we might call local mental states.

However, an alternative possibility is that narrow contents cannot be parceled out belief-by-belief in this way. On a holistic view, though, there need not be an identifiable distinct belief state by virtue of which the subject has that narrow content, whereas on a particularist view there will be. Whether holism or particularism is correct may depend head of legal novartis the correct view of the nature of mental representations. On one extremely influential view (Fodor 1987, and many other writings), cognitive states are best triderm cream of as relations to internal representations.

This view may permit a particularist understanding of narrow content (although it is also possible to combine particularism about mental representations with holism about their content; see Block 1991). On the other hand, Frank Jackson has suggested that we might represent the world by means of something more like a map than like a collection of sentences (Jackson 1996; Braddon-Mitchell and Jackson 1996).

If this is the right understanding of representational mental states, then we would expect holism rather than particularism to be head of legal novartis. Although the map does convey particular bits of information, we cannot neatly identify these bits of information with particular pieces of the map.

Whether the content of a particular state is narrow or not depends on whether it would be shared by the corresponding state of every duplicate of the subject who has the state. But this means that whether the content of a state is narrow depends on how we individuate the subject who has the state.

A content that is broad relative to one subject might be narrow relative to another, more inclusive subject. I might have an internal state that represents the condition of a particular cone in my retina. If we take the subject in this case to be me - all of me - this content might be narrow, head of legal novartis if we construe the subject more narrowly as, say, my brain, then the very same content of the very same state will be broad rather than narrow (since a duplicate state could have a different content if hooked up to a different kind dna thread eye).

It should be evident that the idea of narrow content is highly controversial. Even among its advocates, however, there is substantial disagreement on the precise form a theory of narrow content should take.

There is much work left to be done on this topic: to develop the various approaches more fully; to determine to what extent they are compatible with one another; and, to the extent that they are not, to compare their advantages and disadvantages. Arguments head of legal novartis Broad Content 2. Arguments for Narrow Content 3. Conceptions of Narrow Content 4. Strategies for Determining Narrow Content 5. Head of legal novartis What is narrow mental content.

Arguments for Narrow Content Why do moderate internalists believe that, despite the success of arguments that ordinary content is often or always broad, we head of legal novartis need a notion of narrow content.



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