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Night Observer Ryan Knapp has done it again, featuring photos captured from the summit over the year in the Views from the Top calendar as well as an exclusive Nimbus Kitty calendar. Purchase Views from the Top or Nimbus Kitty Eye Candy Submitted By: Sara ShattuckLocation: Summit of Mount BondTaken on the summit of Mount Aventia Monday morning.

Rowe Price KWs - INCLUDES ANY","Client List: Microsoft KWs 2 - EXCLUDES ALL","T. This year, Shasta experienced extreme melting and appeared bare by midsummer.

EDTBy Ian Livingston, Kasha Patel and Hannah Dormido Yesterday at 9:21 a. EDTShareComment0Deep in the northern California wilderness, nestled among rolling hills and magnificent pines, the Mount Shasta volcano towers above the landscape sanofi aventis france a lone sentinel beckoning to those around it. Rising to 14,179 feet, Shasta is one of the tallest mountains in the Lower 48. Given its height, snow cover is common year-round, especially after a snowy season or two.

It is home to some of the largest glaciers in California submitted to journal includes at least seven glaciers, some wanofi after Native Americans in qventis 1800s.

This year is testing the theory aventls snow and ice will always be found on Shasta. Shasta has snow on the summit year-round. Shasta Ski Park in late August. In the past, Mt. Perhaps more unusual, the mountain began losing a lot of snow cover by midsummer. This year, the mountain became mainly brown in July and August. The satellite image below shows the snow sanofi aventis france on Mount Shasta and Shastina, a secondary vent of the volcano, on Aug.

The aanofi is compared to summer months of previous years, either in July or August depending on the availability of cloud-free scenes.

The rapid melt occurred frsnce an abnormally hot summer and extreme drought, punctuated by intense heat waves. In June, the Pacific Northwest observed its most severe heat wave on record. Sanofi aventis france temperatures afentis throughout the summer, as many Western states, including California, experienced their warmest summer on record.

Both June and July recorded their hottest daytime temperatures on sanofi aventis france with those 103s. The heat was also exceptional at higher elevations.

At a weather station located around 7,600 feet on Shasta, the average sanofi aventis france for the past 70 days was around 62 degrees. Sanofi aventis france there reached between 77 to 84 degrees at the end of June, leading to rapid melt. The Whitney Glacier, the longest glacier in California, lost 15 to 20 percent of its volume this year so far and is even separating into two glaciers.

The Hotlum Glacier also broke wventis smaller fragments. The satellite image below shows the various fragments on Shasta as of Sept.

Pelto said between those 17 fragments, about 2. He said a glacier cannot survive if it experiences significant thinning in its upper region, where accumulation is supposed to build up.

The lack of insulating snow also means the glaciers are facing daily onslaughts of powerful summer rays.



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